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Kapanga is a rural territory (district) in the woodland savannahs in the northwest corner of the Katanga province. It has a young and growing population of 120,000 inhabitants (95% of which are ethnic Lunda) and an area of 24,700 km2.

The centre of the Territory is a conurbation of about 53,000 inhabitants, constituted by the towns of Musumba, Kapanga and Ntita. (Musumba is the capital of the Lunda Empire, Kapanga is the political and administrative capital of Kapanga Territory.) Because of its geographical position in the south-west of Congo far from major cities (380 km to Kananga in the Kasaï, 670 km to Kolwezi in Katanga, 1,000 km to Katanga’s capital, Lubumbashi), the territory of Kapanga is landlocked and poor. It is hardly accessible because of the heavy deterioration of the roads and there is nobridge over the river Lulua. In addition, the closest railroad is 365 km away.

There is no industry and only little commercial activities other than small trade in fish, caterpillars, fruit and vegetables. Over 90% of the population lives off small-scale farming and fishing. Because of the distances to cover, there is very little export of agricultural products to other territories. Because of the condition of the roads, transport by truck is a nightmare and therefore costs more than the products themselves.

The estimated average GDP per capita is between 1 and 2 $ per day, which is below the poverty line.

Without structural interventions and energy services, even the SDG will never be met. The 200 kW of the only existing energy producing infrastructure (the small hydroelectric power plan of ELKAP I) obviously is insufficient.

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ELKAP ASBL is a non-profit organization established in Kapanga in January 2013. ELKAP, short for ELectricité pour KAPanga, stands for a programme and an ambitious goal: Electricity for Kapanga!

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