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The Society of the Divine Saviour, popularly known as the Salvatorians, is a congregation of Fathers and Brothers in the Catholic Church, founded in Rome, December 8, 1881, by Father Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan. Today members of the Society are engaged in apostolic activities in 40 countries all over the world.

The Salvatorians are deeply rooted in those countries where they work to alleviate the needs of the poor, often putting their own lives at risk. The Salvatorians are inspired by the social doctrine of the Church. They are promoting fundamental human rights for every individual, regardless of gender, religion, social class, ethnicity, or political affiliation.


The Salvatorian Family includes

      • the Society of the Divine Saviour (Fathers and Brothers);
      • the Congregation of the Sisters of the Divine Saviour (Sisters);
      • the International Community of the Divine Saviour (Laity).




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ELKAP ASBL is a non-profit organization established in Kapanga in January 2013. ELKAP, short for ELectricité pour KAPanga, stands for a programme and an ambitious goal: Electricity for Kapanga!

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