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The Salvatorian Fathers and Brothers created the non-profit organisation ELKAP to manage the power plant and the electricity distribution, as well as to promote the electrification and social development of Kapanga.The aim of the non-profit organisation ELKAP, as stipulated in its bylaws, is:

  • the management of the hydroelectric plant built at the Rushish Falls;
  • the management of the transmission line;
  • the distribution of the power generated by the plant;
  • to guarantee access to electricity for all segments of the population;
  • to raise awareness in the population regarding electricity and energy consumption;
  • the involvement of key local stakeholders in all aspects of electrification and development planning;
  • the integration of energy and environmental issues in local development plans;
  • the development and financing of social projects.

The bylaws also stipulate that the income generated through the operation of the hydropower plant and the distribution network will be used to meet the needs of ELKAP in terms of maintenance and salary costs. The eventual surplus is to be saved or invested in the extension of the power plant and the transmission line or in social projects in Kapanga.

About Us


ELKAP ASBL is a non-profit organization established in Kapanga in January 2013. ELKAP, short for ELectricité pour KAPanga, stands for a programme and an ambitious goal: Electricity for Kapanga!

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Tel (R.D. Congo) +243 810 198 348
Tel (Italy)          +39 06 686 29 219
ELKAP asbl
p/a Pères Salvatoriens
839, Boulevard du 30 Juin
République Démocratique du Congo