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The Protection Committee helps ELKAP ASBL to ensure a correct and peaceful management of the infrastructure. Its composition:

  1. The administrator of Kapanga Territory
  2. Chef de Cité Kapanga
  3. The Chef de Groupement Mutiy
  4. The Chef de la Collectivité Mwant Yav - Chef Coutumier
  5. The Chef de Groupement Kanampumb
  6. The Chef de Groupement Nswana Mulapu
  7. The Chef de Groupement Kapanga
  8. The local chief of the national intelligence agency
  9. The local commander of the national police corps
  10. The chair of the civil society of Musumba
  11. The chair of the civil society of Ntita
  12. The priest-dean of the Catholic Church of Musumba
  13. The superintendent of the Methodist Church
  14. The pastor of the Kimbanguist Church
  15. The sous-proved of Education
  16. The medical doctor of the health zone Kapanga
  17. A representative of the Salvatorian Fathers and Brothers in Ntita
  18. A representative of the Salvatorian Sisters in Ntita
  19. The Minister près du Gouverneur.

This team protects ELKAP against harassments and intrigues in three ways:

  • administratively: in facilitating the NGO to deal with state services and third parties;
  • in terms of security, by providing 2-3 soldiers to take care of the physical custody of the premises;
  • by providing formal advice during the annual meetings of the Protection Committee, where the members of the Protection Committee have the opportunity to contribute useful suggestions to the owner of the property in order to better achieve the social objective at the Kapanga premises.

About Us


ELKAP ASBL is a non-profit organization established in Kapanga in January 2013. ELKAP, short for ELectricité pour KAPanga, stands for a programme and an ambitious goal: Electricity for Kapanga!

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Tel (R.D. Congo) +243 810 198 348
Tel (Italy)          +39 06 686 29 219
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